Two Week(ish) Recap: 14.02 - 25.02.17

The past two weeks have been incredibly busy. We spent lots of time with friends, I got to see one of my favourite bands perform in Bristol, and I messed around with crazy hair colours. So here's a little update of what we've been up to. Be warned - this one is a pretty lengthy one.

Our friends Meg and Craig came down to Plymouth from Bristol to see us and so we took them to Mount Edgcumbe (one of my favourite places if you couldn't tell), and a new coffee shop we found called Good Coffee Headquarters. Craig, being the coffee nerd he is, has now given his seal of approval for this coffee house so if you're ever in Plymouth - make sure to check it out.

We then spent the work-week at home in Plymouth, and I decided to dye my hair bright blue. 

This past weekend, we got to travel up to Bristol to see one of my favourite bands perform. We quickly fell in love with the city. Bristol has such a unique personality as a city and is definitely one of my new favourite places to visit.

We stayed at a brilliant Airbnb apartment on North Road. It was incredibly easy to get into city centre and the area around was lively with plenty of restaurants, pubs and shops. We were well looked after, and the stay was incredibly comfortable. Would highly recommend this place for anyone looking to stay somewhere in Bristol.

We explored the city which is full of pieces of art on every street corner, and also met up with our friends Meg and Craig once again.

And finally we got to go see my favourite band, Amber Run in concert. This band has brought me through a lot of tough times and has been there for me through my major seasons of depression, one of which was starting to hit me again last week so it was an amazing experience to hear them live. There are very few bands which I can say have moulded and shaped me into who I am today and these guys are definitely one of them. Check them out.

On our final morning in Bristol, we had another little stroll around the city before heading off to catch the bus back to Plymouth.

Thanks Bristol for being a great little getaway. x