Weekly Recap: 10.01 - 16.01.17

This week was quite a hectic one. I spent three days in Finland photographing an event which I'm sure you'll see photos from at some point in the future, I had an engagement shoot at Wembury Beach, spent some time with Kieran and Echo (the cat), and caught up with my best friend Samantha a couple times. More in depth details below if you're interested. ;) 

After returning from Finland the first time, Kieran and I had a quick drink, lunch and cheeky cheesecake catchup with Samantha at Seco Lounge. I then had a couple of days at the office before once again heading to the airport to fly off to Finland.

Although my time in Finland was brief, it was great to see Ville & Yasmine again, and I even got to see their cat Yoda for the second time this month (next week, I'll be heading there for a third time this month - crazy traveller that I am). I then headed home and was welcomed by the most beautiful sunrise, so naturally I had to take a few photos.

After watching the sunrise and having a quiet chill morning at home, I headed off to take some engagement photos for such a sweet young couple - Emily & Jeremy. You can see the full photos by clicking here, but here's a taster of them below. We also ran into a horse and the most gorgeous sunset while we were taking these photos.

I'm so glad to be able to come home and have this face greeting me as I enter. I've totally crossed over to the dark side. I've fallen in love with a cat.

There was then a quiet night filled with editing and watching the final Harry Potter - finally I can say I have seen all of them! The following day I spent a few hours wandering around Plymouth with my friend Sam, and again on the way home was greeted with a beautiful sunset. 

And that was my week. Hope you all enjoyed having a view of it through my lens. See you shortly. x