Weekly Recap: 03.01 - 09.01.17

03.01 - 09.01

This week was a much quieter one than last week. There has been no international travel or running around with family, it's just been getting back to routine, which has been really nice as I really need my rest.

I did however get my home office finally set up!

Kieran and Echo have been keeping me great company while I've been working away. Kieran, Samantha and I also finally went to see Rogue One in the cinema this weekend.

Rogue One

Although I'm not a massive Star Wars fan (I know, I said it - the one unforgivable sin, not liking Star Wars), I still thoroughly enjoyed this film - even with all the of cheesy scripting.


This week was also a bit of a tough one for me. A good friend of mine (pictured above) from Israel passed away this week. Michael Zeff was one of the wittiest people I had met, a great drinking companion and he shared my Myer's Briggs personality type, so naturally we got along very well. Multiple late night's were spent pondering the deep questions of life over a beer or a whisky in our local pub in Israel.

Now I don't know why people are taken away from us so suddenly and way before their time, but I do hope that he is up there laughing, enjoying himself and playing mind tricks on all the angels. Until we meet again, we shall drink in remembrance of him and the life that he lived.

x Viivi N. Media