Lara & Michael // London, UK


I messaged Lara & Michael on Instagram when we found out we would be spending a day in London (thanks to Grace Elizabeth for hooking us up and introducing us to one another), and I am so glad that they responded yes to shooting with us!

There are few times that you show up to a shoot and immediately hit it off with a couple. We left that night desperately wishing that we lived closer to these two as we loved hanging out together and having discussions about how the world was going to end, haha.

We wandered around Shoreditch for a couple of hours before chilling to have a beer together to close the evening, and can I just say that I am now in love with shooting in Shoreditch. There are so many different locations right around the corner from each other! Check out the photos and let us know which one you like the most!

I feel like at this point we should also ask for help with naming the Zebra who appears in the background of a few of these images? Now taking suggestions ;)

Check out Lara on Instagram and show her some love too as she's a pretty bomb-ass wedding videographer!

Thanks again to these two for being brave enough to step in front of my camera! I'm so glad we got to meet you guys as I feel like we really have made friends for life. x