Jazmine Mitchell // Plymouth, UK // 06.2017


Last weekend I had the joy of meeting this chick and getting to take some photos of her. When I first saw Jazmine's profile on Instagram, I knew I had to get some photos of her - and not only because she has the same hair colour as me - but because she is absolutely stunning. I loved her style and her look as well as her badass tattoos!

Not only did this chick rock up and absolutely SLAY her portrait session, we also had great fun taking these images and getting to know each other. We had chats about tattoos, family histories and even our mutual love for animals.

Certain models just make my life as a photographer so easy when every which direction they face - they look breathtaking. Also - loving how the weather is getting darker so much later. All of these photos were taking at about 9PM. Isn't that brilliant?

So thanks again to Jazmine for working with me and being your wonderful, beautiful, hilarious self! Hope to do more with this chick in the future. 

In the meantime - go follow her on social media: www.instagram.com/sotheadventurebegins

Hope you guys enjoyed these photos as much as I do! x