Holly & Zach


Holly reached out to me when she started planning her and her husband’s trip to Finland this last summer, and of course they wanted some photos to remember their trip by. Straight from my first few messages back and forth - I KNEW Holly & Zach were my kind of couple.

We actually had entire shoot day scheduled, and once she saw me do a model call for a sunrise session - we switched their session to take place at sunrise because THAT IS HOW DEDICATED THESE TWO WERE.

We rode in to Helsinki by bike around midnight and strolled through the streets, and to our surprise the sun didn’t even SET. It slightly dipped on the horizon and at 3:30am it popped straight back up and gave us all these BEAUTIFUL golden hues!

Zach & Holly braved the icey chill of a Finnish summer morning and seriously made my dreams come true with these images! Check them out and let us know what you think! <3

Just wanted to end this with a HUGE THANKS to Holly & Zach for being such troopers, and altogether beautiful human beans. <3