Shai & Maria // Helsinki, Finland


So let me tell you a little story behind this shoot. You wouldn’t be able to tell but this shoot was absolutely freezing! I genuinely could not feel my fingers the entire time we were shooting. We were by the sea at sunrise in Helsinki and the wind nearly blew us all away. But we soldiered on and it was so worth all of it! These guys were the perfect couple on camera and off, and I cannot wait to spend more time with them when we move to Finland!

But here's the real kicker... When I posted a model call for Helsinki over the New Year period, I didn’t really expect to have so many people respond. I was quite overwhelmed and ended up getting sick while there but I am so grateful for the shoots that I was able to make, this one especially. I received a message from Maria saying that a mutual friend of ours from Israel had recommended me to her and that she and her boyfriend would be up for a shoot in Helsinki. I jumped on the idea and set up a time and place to meet them.

To my surprise, when I showed up at the cafe we were meeting at - I knew her boyfriend from way back in Israel! I was so shocked and so happy to see a familiar face! I genuinely have never been so giddy on a shoot as I was on this one.

I've got all the love and heart eyes in the world for this couple! x

Viivi-Maria NuorahoComment