Weekly Recap: 27.12.16 - 02.01.17

I am writing this, sitting on my couch - finally home. Finland was lovely but it is a pretty great feeling to be back in my own space.

For this week's recap, here are some final images and thoughts from my last week in Finland as well as a little bit from home. Enjoy!

To begin with, I spent a lot more time with family in Finland. Ville & Yas painted their living room wall whilst Yoda (the cat) slept, we also played a lot of Mario Kart. We went ice skating with my Mum, Ville, Yasmine, my aunt and two cousins which was great fun. We hadn't ice skated in about 10 years so remembering how to was an interesting challenge.

For New Years Eve, I spent the day with my parents, Ville and Yasmine exploring the city of Porvoo. This was such a quaint and sweet little town filled with wooden houses of different colours. In Porvoo we also visited the cafe which my Mum used to be a baker at which was an amazing experience. The cakes were incredible and exactly her style of baking. We then headed home to blow up some fireworks (although they may not have been too successful but hey - at least we tried). 

It was so lovely spending so much quality time with family but I was definitely happy to be heading home. First stop on the list was Bristol to have coffee with Meg and Craig before heading on to Plymouth.


And when I finally made it home, I had this little fella greeting me at the door. Everyone, meet Echo. 

Hope you all had as great a week as I did. Cheers to many more in this new year! x