Anniina & Lauri // Finland // 07.2016

Last month there was a very special wedding which took place in Finland. I got to photograph my oldest childhood friend getting married to the love of her life. I have been so privileged to watch this couples journey together, even though it may have been from a distance. 

Anniina has been a very important part of my life. Although we grew up in different countries, we always seemed to pick up right where we left off whenever we met up again. I am so grateful for her friendship, and I am so glad that she has found a man who was more than worthy of her. Lauri, you're an excellent man and I could not dream of anyone more well-fit for Anniina.

This wedding day was filled with so much joy, laughter and tears. There was such a strong 'family' atmosphere and it was clear that everyone present was overwhelmed with the pure, genuine and strong love which Anniina & Lauri are a clear symbol of. 

Congratulations, you lovely people. You are the definition of true love, and I am so excited to continue to watch your journey together unfold. Hopefully I shall see you soon in the UK! x