Espoon Kartano Wedding

Joonas and Samira’s wedding day was full of joy, laughter and the good kind of tears. The phrase “made for one another” doesn’t even begin to cut the feelings that were so clear for this couple.

I first met Joonas and Samira at Love Me Do last year. These two had seen me post something on the event stories, and they came to find me. Immediately we had a connection, and as they walked away from my booth, I just KNEW that they were going to be one of my couples this year.

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St. Audries Park Wedding

THIS DAY WAS A DREAM. Honestly I cannot even begin to describe the joy I felt watching Meg and Craig tie the knot in St. Audries Park. This wedding venue was phenomenal. Perfect setting for the perfect day.

I met Meg and Craig while I was living in Plymouth. They worked at a bakery in Royal William Yard, and I live there. Craig provided me with my daily dose of caffeine every single morning and after a while a friendship started to blossom.

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Mustikkamaa in Spring

The other week I got to have a wander around Mustikkamaa in Helsinki with one of my couples who are getting married this year. We talked about life, passions and had a good laugh. We took some photos of them just being them out in the nature as the flowers bloomed around them and it just made me so so grateful for them and being able to play a small role in telling their story to the world.

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Thao & Miro

Thao & Miro responded to a couple call of mine for a mentor session I held in Helsinki, and boy oh boy was I glad that they did! These two were so young and in love that it was contagious! We frolicked around downtown Helsinki and I made them dance around through crowds of people while the Christmas lights flickered in the background.

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Nava & Emmanuel

When I think of how to describe Nava and Emmanuel’s connection, BUBBLE OF JOY comes to mind. These two couldn’t stop laughing whenever their eyes met and we had such a great time of general merriment throughout our time wandering through the streets of Yemin Moshe in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel.

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Viivi-Maria Nuoraho