Viivi N. Media

Meet Me.

My name is Viivi-Maria Anniina Nuoraho. I have a little bit of a crazy story but bear with me on these few details. First and foremost - I love photography, Jesus, my cat (Ech0), my family, my man Kieran and cheese (let's be honest, everyone likes cheese). I come from Finland, and am currently based in Espoo but I travel regularly worldwide. I grew up in Jerusalem, Israel with my parents and three siblings.

My Dad was always involved in media and ran a production rental company in the country, so us kids grew up around production. We had the latest equipment at our finger tips and got plenty of work experience running around operating cameras and other things during conferences and events throughout the country. The first time I ever operated a camera for an event was when I was nine years old, and since then - I've not really stopped. 


The Photography Side.

I fell in love with photography the moment I took my first image. I always loved being able to tell stories through capturing single frames or moments. I left my private school to pursue my future in the media world when I was thirteen years old. I joined Kings School of Media and did homeschooling on the side. The two things that I knew that I loved and wanted to pursue for my career were photography and television. I graduated from the media school at fifteen, and as I had a job opportunity to kickstart my career in the television industry - I decided to get my GED instead of finishing the final three years of high school. 

The first wedding I ever photographed was during my time at the aforementioned media school. This was the moment where I really realised what I wanted to specialise in when it came to photography. I'm a sucker for a good love story. It restores my faith in humanity and reminds me that there is hope for the world. It's the only part of me that could be classified as a romantic.


More Back Story & Present Life.

All of my siblings were involved in one way or another in the media industry, and being the youngest - I watched their every move. My eldest brother went on to start his own production company called Youngfield Films, while my other siblings pursued careers in sound, lighting and photography. My eldest brother has always been my biggest motivation, showing me that the conventional path is not always the greatest road to success.

He showed me that it was okay to do things a little differently to the norm. That there wasn't only one way to make it in the media industry, and for that I am eternally thankful.

After a few years of working in the TV industry in Jerusalem, I was given the opportunity to move to Plymouth, UK with my full-time job and I jumped at the idea. I had always had a longing to be in England and was so glad for that dream to finally be fulfilled. I found a home there, and with that - I also found Kieran and now Echo. 

And so here we are... We have moved as our little family unit to Espoo, Finland and are loving life. 

As I said, I love being a part of telling stories - so how about you tell me yours? I would love to hear from you.