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So who am I?

Well thank you for asking! My name’s Viivi! I’m a destination wedding and elopement photographer based in Finland.

I’m an absolute weirdo, change my hair colour every three months, a lover of tattoos and I’m mainly known for being a cat-mom and animal lover!

I love traveling the world, being around couples in love, meeting new people and turning “awkward” moments into beautiful candid captures!

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// My whole goal and purpose is to serve you and tell your story to the best of my ability. I aim to get to know my clients super well, to give you a comfortable and relaxed environment to be fully, 100%, unapologetically yourselves, and to give you some kickass memories to look back on. //


Getting Married?

When you book me as your wedding photographer, it includes lots of extreme emotions, frolicking through nature and giggling with you guys.

But most importantly, it’s all about serving you to the best of my ability. Still interested? Find out the nitty-gritty details below!


Couples, whaddup?

I mean, let’s be honest - your relationship doesn’t end at marriage and it starts long before that as well.

I’m a strong believer that every season of your relationship deserves to have its story told!

So head on over the link below to find out more about couples sessions with me and what they look like!

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